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Green Valley Nursery & Landscaping 4185 Huntsville Rd. Florence, AL. 35630 (256) 712-5451


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Don't let this fall season take control of your yard. Green Valley provides quality Fall landscaping In addition to clearing debris and fallen leaves, our trusted lawn care crew will work to minimize hidden diseases in the soil. We will arrive on time, well-equipped to exceed your expectations! Fall landscape prep plays an important roll in how well your landscape will bounce back after the winter months, and unfortunately, it’s often more difficult than just raking up leaves. Our fall landscape maintenance services are some of the most important services that we offer, and we look forward to helping you get your landscape ready to survive the winter and thrive in the spring.

Why Is Fall landscaping important? 

When your lawn is covered, it might not be able to get the air, sunlight, and water it needs in order to be at its best. Removing debris quickly can protect the health of your lawn. It’s no secret, keeping a well-groomed yard takes work. This is especially true when the seasons begin to change. If left unattended, the cleanest of yards can quickly become overrun with fall foliage. When you need to keep your yard in shape year-round, we are here to help.

  • Hardscapes
  • Rennovations (Simple & Major)
  • Water Features (Featured Above)

We know landscaping is serious. When you are looking for a landscaper, you want someone that will treat your yard as their own and ensure that the job gets done the right way. We pride ourselves on being accredited and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.